Our Survival!


We're a small community right now, but we have some big ambitions! From our dedicated and friendly staff to our close-knit community of players, everyone here has the same goal: to play Minecraft in an environment that supports, aids, and genuinely cares about its members on an individual basis. What sets us apart from other servers is our intimate player base, which allows all users to feel like they’re part of a family while still being able to maintain their creativity and individuality. This value is reflected in the network name, Our Survival, meaning we’re in this together!  

We have several plugins installed to spice up the survival game, including but not limited to:

 - Land claims

 - Kits

 - Economy

 - Player shops

 - Player warps

....and so much more! We’re constantly adding and evolving so there’s no telling what new features might be available next time you visit.

On behalf of all Our Survival members, welcome to the server! We look forward to seeing you online! :)